The EGO Pen Machine

The EGO pen machine is an evolutionary pen machine.
When they hit the market, they almost changed the tattoo market. Do you know why? Because it is carefully designed and made with excellent materials. Before it appeared, no one had ever seen such a machine, the EGO pen machine.
Now let's talk about the way it was designed and what kind of excellent materials are used.
First of all, the components used in the frame of this EGO pen machine are made of high-quality aluminum solid rods, which are then polished and anodized. Secondly, the weight of the whole machine is very light, only 160g, which makes the work of the tattoo artist much easier. Finally, it was designed as the world's first On / Off switch device. This switch is on the top of the machine. This design can turn off the power without the foot pedal, and no longer used with the foot pedal. The machine is easy to tattoo, allowing the tattoo artist to focus on the tattoo work and relax the feet.
These designs allow tattoo artists to work like pens, which is not only convenient but also improves work efficiency. This is why most people choose EGO pen machines.
In general, all products require self-innovation. Because no matter what kind of project, if they do not upgrade or innovate, they will withdraw from the market, and people will forget it. This is why our EGO pen machine is so good.
The innovation of our EGO pen machine lies in the switch on top of it. Artists only need to open or close with their hands, and no longer need to step on the foot pedal. Just like painting, the pen machine can be light and vibrating to make the tattoo easier and better. At the same time, this is why we made this machine.
Finally, we are happy and willing to listen to the suggestions of many people who have tried to use our machines. We will use your good suggestions to create the best products and best services.

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