GP Self-Lock Tattoo Grip Copper

Dragonhawk Tattoo Supply

$11.99 USD
$11.99 USD
Europe God Of Darkness Robert Recommend GP Self-lock Hand Tattoo Grips
GP Self-lock handgrip is designed and created by Gabe Shum, who is the Star Tattoo Artist of Hong Kong.
Owned by Robert, a famous Spanish tattoo artist, who is known as God of darkness.
This product is brass CNC cutting result, with ergonomic design, attractive appearance, feeling easy to lock needles tips, smoothly and comfortable when tattooing. In the long hours of working will not feel pain and tired, and the absolute choice for all professional tattoo artist.GP Series is a quality and assurance, widely around the world agreed on professional tattooists respected premium brands.
Net weight: 100g
Material: Copper

Dragonhawk Tattoo Supply offers one-year warranty for all tattoo machines.

1. Regarding warranty information

Thanks very much for purchasing and supporting Dragonhawk products. Please contact our customer service directly when there is a problem with the product you received. We provide one-year warranty service for machines and power supplies. The customer team will verify your situation by email. Please provide the order number, product pictures, video when submitting the warranty verification email. This Info can speed up the verification. The audit result will be sent to you by email.

2. Regarding the warranty requirements

2. For products that are on-artificial damaged, Dragonhawk will provide effective warranty services. We do not provide warranty service in the following situations: 1. The product was seriously damaged due to falling to the ground. 2. The product was soaked in liquid. 3. The product was disassembled and modified privately

3. Regarding exceeding service time situation

Please don’t worry, if the Dragonhawk product you purchased is damaged after one-year. The Dragonhawk service team will provide paid maintenance of product services. Please contact the service team via email And please provide the order number and product pictures in the meantime. The service team will notify you of the maintenance cost and logistics cost by email.

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