GABE s Rotary Tattoo Machine

What is GABE s machine?

It seems that many people have a doubt about the GABE S Rotary Tattoo Machine. Here Veetattoo would like to talk about it: GABE is a tattoo artist who is renowned worldwide,and this machine was designed by this person.

How does the GABE perform?

Let’s introduce how good is. This machine,initially is a machine able to change soft and hard easily,also come with the most powerful motor,can be both lining and shading; Secondly, this machine has an interchangeable 3.7mm to 3.2mm stroke length,which is suitable for tattoo artist to make tattooing more easier,comfortable grab and ergonomics. That's why so many tattoo artists like this machine so much.

Why we call this machine as GABES machine?

GABE is an experienced and professional tattoo artist,who has been tattooing for decade years,working with many kind of machine that he has designed and experience this machine,he offers many suggestion that could improve the performance and make it work and use much better. When the machine launched, many tattoo artists get it and try it that no one say it’s bad,we got a lot of good feedback and advice,tattoo artist will love it as long as working with GABE machine. One pen machine could do everything they want,with good motor that the machine can work for a long time and do best tattoo,smoothly operation like drawing,reduce the pleasure from the tattoo artist that doesn't feel hard,let tattoo enjoyable and comfortable.

Our company dedicate to produce a machine that let tattoo artist work better and easier. Tattoo is not the complicate,it should be well done with a good machine. We wish all tattoo could be done best sample with this GABE S Rotary Machine. This's what we expected.

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